Another Acceptance at Nature

I’m still surprised another story of mine was accepted at Nature. I woke up and had to read the acceptance e-mail about five times before it became clear. I’m eager to find out when my story, “Writing For the End of the World” will be published. This will be my.

Getting Ready for 2018

With the beginning of 2018, I took some time to determine what I wanted to accomplish this year. Since I will be attending the Futurescapes Workshop in April, I first want to be able to get a substantial amount of the manuscript I’ve been working on ready to be critiqued.

Taking Stock – 2017

As 2017 comes to an end, I’ve been taking account of my writing over the year. As it stands, I submitted stories 64 times over the year, which is less than last year. I’ve had two acceptances so far in 2017: one was a reprint, podcasted at The Overcast; the.

My New Story, Iago v2.0 Is Now Up at Nature

As mentioned earlier this week, my story, Iago v2.0 is now up at Nature. I have wanted to write something like this ever since Facebook was found to be conducting emotional contagion experiments on users. However, the moment passed, and Facebook was able to paper over or dismiss any worries.

My Second Acceptance at Nature: Futures

Earlier this week, I received word I would be published at Nature: Futures for the second time. I completely forgot to mention this earlier because of the flurry of activity at home. My sister and her kids have been staying with us rather than return to Puerto Rico in its.

Curious Fictions is Featuring My Story Today

My story, “Every Orphan Child To a Good Home Should Go” is featured over at Curious Fictions. Curious Fictions is a great site, with a rather large repository of short stories, all reprinted in one place. If you didn’t catch my story about a fairy godmother trying to find the.

Puerto Rico in the Aftermath of Hurricane Maria

I have friends and family in Puerto Rico. This is going to be an angry post, and it’s going to cover some ugly truths about US politics as it pertains to Puerto Rico. If you think that staying silent in the face of injustice is patriotic, this post isn’t for.

Acceptance at The Overcast

My story, “Every Orphan Child to a Good Home Should Go” will be produced and podcasted by The Overcast in September. I’m glad to have it reach a wider crowd. I’ll post the link as soon as it becomes available. At the moment, I have been working on translating one.

The 2017 Nebulas Conference

I went to the SFWA 2017 Nebulas Conference in Pittsburgh over the weekend with fellow writers Chris M. Rose, Jeremy Gottwig, and Doug Dluzen. It was the first time for all of us, going to the Nebulas. What followed was four days of socializing with other writers and editors in.

What Have I Been Enjoying Lately?

Earlier this week, I rattled off a very brief post talking about Sylvia Moreno García’s efforts at capturing Latin Americans in SFF. I may decide to write more about this at some later date, but for now I wanted to go over the things I’ve been enjoying recently. Fleabag I.