The Use of AI in Science Fiction Stories Has Changed

One of the first science fiction books I read which seemed to make my synapses fire off all at once in a cognitive supernova was William Gibson’s Neuromancer. In it, Gibson presents both AIs Wintermute and Neuromancer as complementary halves of one family’s mega-corporation. In essence, by unifying both the AIs the.

So, the Hugos. . .

While I enjoyed reading Chuck Tingle’s posts, I must admit that I’m not at a point in my writing career where I followed all of the ups and downs. I also realized that the one thing I read was Naomi Kritzer’s award-winning story, “Cat Pictures Please.” What I’m getting at.

Trying My Hand at Interactive Fiction

I worked on converting my story “Choice, In Sequential Order” into an interactive fiction story using a program called Twine. It was somewhat easy to learn the basics, but I want to learn more about both Twine and Inform. I would love to be able to create something as complex.

Maine Vacation

Just like on the tin: I’m in Maine, on vacation for a week. Some interesting notes, in no particular order. I found out how to actually pronounce the “Ayuh” affirmative, as per the boatload of Stephen King books I’d read Maine loves its ice cream very very much–there are ice.