An Election Plus Two Deaths Equal a Retrospective

I’ve been wanting to write this, but struggled with the words. I mean, I’m a writer! How can a writer be at a loss for words? On November 9th, my fiancée and I sat stunned at the election day results. We had talked about what might happen, and both were convinced.

Another Acceptance!

I’m glad to say my first pro sale, “Clown Car, Driven Once, Never Emptied” has been accepted for production in the Tales to Terrify podcast! It should be available to hear sometime in April or May. This story first appeared in Unlikely Story’s “Clowns: the Unlikely Coulrophobia Remix” at the.

2016 Award Eligibility & Recommendations

I had mentioned in a previous post that I had several things I was thankful for in 2016. Most of what I’ve been thankful for are my stories published this year. Eligible Work All of my eligible work in 2016 is short fiction: First, my story, “Clown Car, Driven Once, Never.