What Have I Been Enjoying Lately?

Earlier this week, I rattled off a very brief post talking about Sylvia Moreno García’s efforts at capturing Latin Americans in SFF. I may decide to write more about this at some later date, but for now I wanted to go over the things I’ve been enjoying recently. Fleabag I.

Thank you, Sylvia Moreno Garcia

On her blog, Sylvia has started to list Latinx authors in English Language SFF. I’m glad she decided to start this project, since I’ve written about this before. If you have any favorite authors, feel free to fill out the form included.

“Fahrenheit 451” and the Problems of A Single Story

A few nights ago, I took to Twitter to respond to all those articles I’ve seen urging people to read George Orwell’s “1984” (or, alternately, “A Brave New World“). To which I said–and continue to say–“Hey, great books!” However, for me the book to study is Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451.”.