Balticon 50 is Coming. . .

Within the first year of living in the Baltimore area, I became a member of the Baltimore Science Fiction Society. I joined because of the space, which I’ve described as a cathedral dedicated to science fiction, and the ancillary activities. Their claim to fame, and what pays the bills, is Balticon.

Confession time: I’m not a big fan of conventions. In part, I think it has to do with lack of conventions in Puerto Rico (it’s become a bigger thing since I’ve left), as well as the demands of being in a public space with large numbers of people. Also, I am a bad fan–too finicky, perhaps. For instance, I like the idea of a show like Star Trek existing than the actual show (in all its incarnations), but rarely watch it. The same goes for most of the touchstones of being a sci-fi or fantasy fan.

All that said, however, I’m excited about Balticon 50. There will be a roster of former Guests of Honor attending, as well as George R. R. Martin. I’m sure it’s going to be a little crazy, but I’m planning on going for a full day to take it all in.

If you’re going to Balticon as well, hope to see you there!

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