It’s Been a While, But Let Me Tell You. . .

. . . When it rains, it pours.

Why haven’t I posted anything for a while? Well, let me tell you all about this Puerto Rican’s experience with black ice. On January 11, there had been what my phone’s weather app called a “wintry mix” falling since before dawn. I salted the front steps, since I almost slipped and put further cracks in my ass, and didn’t want my fiancée to have an accident. Already behind schedule, I got in my car and started the drive to work.

Where we live is rural. Farm country with lots of twisty-turny roads through the odd field, but mostly forest, and I had become used to the fact that most days with icy conditions, the roads are already salted. So, when I came to a hill I’ve traversed hundreds of times since I’ve lived here, I didn’t expect to skid down the slope and into the oncoming lane.

If it hadn’t been for the enormous SUV coming up the hill, I would’ve ended up in a ditch.

I joke about it, now, but the front end of my car was demolished. I have little more recollection than the initial panic of knowing you’re going to crash, and not being able to do anything to prevent it, and the initial bloom of the airbags deploying. After a moment, I was able to stagger out of my car, whoozy, but alive and almost unharmed.

I ended up with a sprained wrist, some scrapes on the last knuckle of my left hand, and my knees. My phone bounced off the dashboard, so RIP little Samsung, but my glasses and my coffee mug both survived unbroken. I’m pretty sure my coffee cup bounced off the windshield, and ended by my left foot, its trajectory missing my head. I’m definitely thankful for that.

I took some days to recover, and we were lucky to find a friend who sold us his old car.

That said, a lot of the last two weeks has been chasing down different parts of the insurance structure so that I can finally get free of the old car, which I’m sure is a total loss. So, the Saga of Karlo’s Totaled Car has not reached it’s happily ever after moment. The moral of this story is: if you can get full coverage on your car insurance, do it.

However, with a lot of other things getting back into their regular schedules, I should be able to post here more often.

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