Back to Regularly Scheduled Program (I Hope)

I’m back.

I have to admit I knew I hadn’t written a post in a while. Hell, I hadn’t written anything in a while. Part of it was shifting my priorities to make sure several other personal goals were met, part was not feeling ready to write a post, or anything, really.

I spent long hours away from creating anything, re-watching some favorite movies and TV shows, trusting (hoping) I would come back to the many projects needing revision. I have also been watching “Atlanta,” which is superbly written, and very funny.

I kept seeing Facebook messages on my author’s page, guilting me with how long my followers hadn’t heard from me. I felt a little guilty, but also ashamed enough that I didn’t immediately post anything.

Now, I’m back. I finished writing a short piece last night. I dusted off another piece I started last year, but never finished. I’m hoping to get it finished soon, and then work on several other pieces I have been sitting on for the last two or more years.

My goal is to get more stories completed this year than I did in 2016. Let’s see how well I do.


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