Revisions On a Story I’m Dusting Off

I dusted off a story I had thought complete years back, and started revising it.

I like to go back over, rewriting entire paragraphs into what flows better for me, as well as re-ordering scenes to see how they change the effect of the story. Here’s hoping I can finish the revisions by mid-March, which will allow me time to get something ready for Lightspeed when they open for fantasy. This story is the oldest of what I call the “second wave” stories I wrote around 2014. Once this one’s done, maybe I can pull another one of those story drafts out of my drawer and get it ready. These days, I’m very slow.

Now that I’ve been able to write a little more consistently, my next step will be to layer in some regular visits to the gym, which I’ve been missing. One step, then the next, followed by yet another.


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