What Have I Been Enjoying Lately?

Earlier this week, I rattled off a very brief post talking about Sylvia Moreno García’s efforts at capturing Latin Americans in SFF. I may decide to write more about this at some later date, but for now I wanted to go over the things I’ve been enjoying recently.


I started watching this series through Amazon. It is a fascinating experiment in perspective, as the entire show is told exclusively through Fleabag’s point of view. The fourth wall is often broken, as the audience is both confidant and accomplice in what Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s character is going through. Fleabag is a mess, and the show is funny, crass, sly and–at times–heartbreaking.


Currently being aired on FX. Daniel Haller has problems, one of them being that what he thought to be mental illness is actually the by-products of his superpowers. Full disclosure: I had to watch the first episode more than once. This was my fault: I put it on in the background, when it requires careful attention. The show is one of the most visually arresting ones out right now. It is also the most X-men series (yes, Legion is a mutant), out today.


Another series airing on FX. Daniel Glover’s show is a low-key comedy, often surreal. I watched the whole series over the course of a week, once the first season had ended (it’s that good). Glover is Earn, who is trying to provide for his ex-girlfriend and their daughter while managing his cousin, rapper “Paper Boi.” Earn is a bit of a sad-sack, but he’s trying to get ahead, which makes him a likeable straight man for much of the series. If you can, don’t miss this one.

God Country

This Image Comic is the most fun I’ve had reading comics since Locke & Key finished its main storyline. One thing I never could really enjoy about Marvel was its more cosmic characters–characters like Thor and Asgard, Thanos and so on. They seemed campy and not grounded at all to me. God Country starts in the Lone Star State, with Roy Quinlan’s trouble caring for his father, Emmett, who has Alzheimer’s. Enter a freak tornado with a sword at its heart who restores Emmett’s mind as long as he holds it. Problem is, the magic sword used to belong to a pantheon of cosmic gods, and they want it back. . .

I am glad to have plenty of quality material to keep me entertained until Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley, Preacher and Mr. Robot return for their upcoming seasons.

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