The 2017 Nebulas Conference

I went to the SFWA 2017 Nebulas Conference in Pittsburgh over the weekend with fellow writers Chris M. Rose, Jeremy Gottwig, and Doug Dluzen. It was the first time for all of us, going to the Nebulas. What followed was four days of socializing with other writers and editors in the field, which was fun, but also draining for me.

Pittsburgh was more elegant than I had imagined, and loved how the city is cradled by hills on all sides.

I had a blast meeting many people who I had only ever chatted with on the Codex writer’s forum, and sitting in on many of the panels programmed for the weekend. I was moved by astronaut Kjell Lindgren’s speech about his experiences aboard the ISS, which he accompanied with several pictures of the Earth, as seen from space. I was happy for all the winners of the Nebulas, but was especially thrilled that William Ledbetter won.

I also got news that my story, “Every Orphan Child to a Good Home Should Go” will be podcast at The Overcast, which was good news heaped upon a great weekend.

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