Taking Stock – 2017

As 2017 comes to an end, I’ve been taking account of my writing over the year. As it stands, I submitted stories 64 times over the year, which is less than last year. I’ve had two acceptances so far in 2017: one was a reprint, podcasted at The Overcast; the other was my second appearance in the pages of Nature. In all likelihood, these may be the only acceptances I’ll see this year.

However, I have resolved to not be too hard on myself on the lack of acceptances (or writing overall) this year. A death in the family, wedding plans, and welcoming my family into our house because of Hurricane Maria have all been necessary disruptions.

do have several things to look forward to in 2018: I was accepted for the Futurescapes workshop, held in April, I will be attending the Nebulas Conference in May, and I will be attending Capclave again. As things have normalized, I have found time to write in short bursts, again.

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